Stones, Bones and Photons:

Synchrotron Applications in Physical Anthropology, Archaeology, Palaeontology and Preservation Studies

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Workshop in conjunction with
Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology 38th Annual Meeting
CAPA 2010

Radisson Hotel and CLS
Saturday, October 30, 2010
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

In recent years, results of palaeontological and archaeological research obtained using synchrotron-based techniques have received world-wide attention in the popular science media. Synchrotron imaging and in situ analytical techniques, such as those available at the Canadian Light Source, offer archaeologists, palaeontologists and cultural heritage experts a powerful new tool kit to explore questions related to provenance, manufacturing techniques, fossil biochemistry and morphology, taphonomy, reconstruction and conservation.  This workshop provides an opportunity for the current and curious potential user to discuss the application of synchrotron techniques to physical anthropology, palaeontology and preservation studies. An opportunity to tour and discuss questions regarding feasibility and methods of accessing the CLS will be available.

We look forward to seeing you in Saskatoon in October 2010!

Tom Ellis
Canadian Light Source