Special Requests

Special Requests provide the opportunity to allow feasibility studies that are not propriety in nature.  These studies may be eligible for a limited amount of discretionary beam time depending on the availability of the requested beamline and type of work.  The Science Director approves all special requests prior to the experiment being performed. Discuss your research activity with the appropriate CLSI beamline scientist prior to submitting an application.

Special Requests are accepted throughout the year for operational beamlines but must be received a minimum of four weeks prior to your scheduled experiment for the necessary safety, technical reviews, and ethics (if required). All proposals must be approved prior to performing the experiment.

Process to Apply for Special Requests:

Step 1: 
  Contact the appropriate CLSI beamline scientist to discuss your research.
Step 2:
  Submit a Special Request. If you have not previously registered you will be required to register and receive a username prior to submitting a Special Request.  
 From “My Proposals” select “Create Other Proposal” - “Special Requests”.


The suite of CLSI beamlines available can be viewed at Experimental Facilities. For information on current machine operations visit the CLS Operations Schedule

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