Letter of Intent

Letters of Intent provide the opportunity to perform some exploratory experiments as the beamline is being commissioned. Research must be discussed with the appropriate CLSI beamline scientist prior to submitting an application.

Letters of Intent are accepted throughout the commissioning phase. Please discuss your research with the relevant CLSI contact below to confirm your experiment is feasible to be performed during the commissioning stage and to identify the appropriate timeframe for submission.

Process to apply for Letter of Intent

        1. Contact CLSI (see contacts above) to discuss your research and to confirm that the beamline(s) is capable of performing your experiment at these early stages.

        2. Submit a Letter of Intent. If you have not previously registered you will be required to register and receive a username prior to submitting a Letter of Intent. 

                - From “My Proposals” select “Letter of Intent” under the heading “All Other Beamlines”.


Available CLSI beamlines can be viewed at Beamlines. For information on current machine operations visit the CLS Operations Schedule

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