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The call for proposals for Cycle 29 (January to June 2019) has been cancelled. All projects that have had shifts cancelled due to this outage will have the same number of shifts scheduled during our next cycle.

Update: November 13, 2018: 

Dear Users,

I am pleased to inform you that our repairs to the electron gun are on track. We are therefore planning for start-up of operations in January 2019 and will begin scheduling accordingly.  

As previously communicated, all projects that have had shifts cancelled due to this outage will have the same number of shifts scheduled during our next operating cycle. Because we will only know conclusively if the repairs have been fully successful in mid-December, we will begin tentatively scheduling January and February beamtime in the coming weeks. The remainder of the cycle will be finalized and scheduled in early 2019.

The draft schedule for January-June 2019 is available below.

The extended amount of development (D) shifts in January is to bring back our accelerator suite (linac, booster, and storage ring), which has been down for six months. The similarly large amount of normal special (NS) shifts is intended for bringing back our beamlines which likewise have been idle for 6 months.

In addition, the two-month outage in March and April (M shifts) is intended to replace the booster radio-frequency power supply, which has been identified as a high-risk single point of failure.

If you have any questions or concerns about the beamtime rescheduling process, please contact the User Services Office at clsuo@lightsource.ca or 1-306-657-3700.

Lastly, on behalf of our entire staff, thank you for your patience, words of encouragement, and loyalty throughout this difficult period.


Rob Lamb


Current Schedules

Beamline Operation Overview - Draft Cycle 29 Schedule

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