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Machine Status Diagram


1. Beam CurrentBeam Current

The graph below shows the electron beam current in mA for the last 24 hours. If the beam is off, due to a trip or scheduled outage, the area under the graph turns red, as a quick visual indicator.

2. 1/e lifetime

This is time at the present decay rate for the current to decay to 1/e of the present value. It is derived from a linear fit to the previous 3 minutes of beam current. Note that the old display gave a “lifetime” which was double the half-life, which gave values a factor of 1.386 higher.

3. Injection times

These are the scheduled injection times. The actual injection time may vary if an injection delay has been requested, or there are technical issues. For info on the next injection see 7 and 9 below.

4. Electron beam parameters

X-RMS and Y-RMS: These are the RMS electron beam centroid deviations, integrated over 1 second, from the nominal beam position for the 48 beam position monitors located in the storage ring.

XSR-V and XSR-H.
The XSR diagnostic beamline uses a pinhole camera to image the x-rays emitted by the electron beam inside a dipole magnet.  XSR-V and XSR-H are respectively the vertical and horizontal baseline widths (4s) of the X-ray beam at the camera, located 19m from the source point, and provide a relative indication of the electron beam size. 
Integrated  current. This is reset at the beginning of the calendar year.

5. Insertion devices

05-2 BMIT superconducting wiggler peak field
06-1 HXMA superconducting wiggler peak field
07-1 BioXAS undulator gap
07-2 BioXAS wiggler gap
08-1 CMCF undulator gap
10-1 SM undulator gap. “L” and “C” indicate linear and circular polarization, respectively
10-2 REIXS undulator gap. “L” and “C” indicate linear and circular polarization, respectively
11-1 SGM undulator gap
11-2 VLS-PGM undulator gap

6. Next injection and countdown

This is the actual planned next injection time. This is updated manually, while the countdown is automatic.

7. Isotope LINAC

This indicates whether the LINAC for the CLS medical isotope project is in operation.

8. Messages

You may need to re-scale your browser window for these to be visible. Routine messages are in white, more “urgent” messages are in yellow.