CLS-News Vol. 1 No. 2 October 3, 2001 University of Saskatchewan, Canada


  1. From Dr. Michael Bancroft
  2. Note from the UAC --- Registration for Users’ Meeting Open
  3. Insertion Devices Workshop at Users Meeting
  4. SR Applications Workshop at University of Saskatchewan
  5. Successful Testing of Linear Accelerator
  6. New CLS staff
  7. Beamlines Status

1- From Dr. Michael Bancroft (Contact: )

"My appointment as Executive Director of the CLS has ended, and I will be returning to the University of Western Ontario. It has been a tremendous thrill to see this facility being built in the last year — a dream of mine for the last 25 years. It has been particularly satisfying to secure the remaining 19M needed for the project, to oversee the hiring of 35 more talented new employees, and to help in the development of beamline teams and policies. I hope to be able to contribute more to the project in the coming years while I am based in London, Ontario."

(The entire Canadian Light Source staff would like to thank Dr. Bancroft for his guidance and dedication to this project. We have all benefited from his leadership and we will truly miss him.)

2- Note from the UAC --- Registration for Users’ Meeting now Open
(Contact: Dr. Kathleen Gough kmgough@Ms.UManitoba.CA )

Registration for the 4th Annual Users’ Meeting (November 17, 2001) is now open. Programs, Workshop, and other useful information (including maps and accommodations) are now available on the CLS website. There will be a workshop on insertion devices on the Friday (see next item), and numerous Beamline Team meetings on the Sunday.
CALL FOR POSTERS: Everyone is invited to present a poster on synchrotron research, at the expanded poster session on Saturday afternoon. Note that the Canadian Institute for Synchrotron Radiation has generously announced a prize for the best poster presented by a student or post-doctoral fellow.
Please go to

to register now and read all about it! Once again, a travel subsidy will be available for long distance travelers.
We look forward to seeing you in sunny Saskatoon!
Kathleen Gough
Chair, Users’ Advisory Committee

3- Insertion Devices Workshop at Users Meeting (Contact: )
An Insertion Device Workshop will be held at CLS on November 16, 2001, the day before the CLS Annual Users Meeting. The workshop is intended to give a review of the present status of insertion device technology. It will address both permanent magnet devices and super conducting devices.

4- U of S Synchrotron Applications Workshop (Contact: )

Oct. 19-20, Rm. 18 College of Commerce. The Office of the President is sponsoring a workshop for U of S faculty and students on applications of the Canadian Light Source. Aimed at researchers in the earth, environmental and material sciences, the workshop will feature guest speaker Alan Anderson of St. Xavier University who will discuss applications of synchrotron radiation to earth and environmental sciences. U of S faculty from a variety of departments will share their synchrotron-based research successes. A special session will be held on opportunities for graduate students.

5- Successful Testing of Linear Accelerator (Contact: )

The Canadian Light Source (CLS) commissioning team successfully operated the refurbished linear accelerator or 'linac' -- the first step in commissioning the national synchrotron that will supply brilliant light beams to scientists at experimental workstations starting in January of 2004. For the full story please go to

6- New CLS staff (Contact Lavina Carter: 657-3523 )

We would like to welcome five new employees who have joined us in the last couple of months: Garth Hetterly, Accountant; Russ Berg, Control System Analyst; Ning Chen, Postdoctoral Fellow / Cogema Research Associate; Terry Johnson, Software Engineer; Allen Hodges, HSE Safety Coordinator and Robby Tanner, Controls Engineer. For contact information please go to:

7- Beamlines status (Contact: )

Four of the seven beamlines have now submitted Preliminary Design Reports: VLS-PGM, High Resolution SGM, Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopy and Canadian Macromolecular Crystallography Facility. External review of the first two is complete, with lots of positive comments and no significant negative comments. PDRs for the remaining three lines are expected soon.
Concept design reports for three insertion devices and all of the frontends have been submitted and reviewed externally. Once again, external reviews are all positive; one of our insertion device reports prompted the external reviewer to re-consider aspects of the design of a similar device at the reviewer's facility. Congratulations to everyone involved in reaching these significant milestones! The time critical element remains the frontends, but with the timely availability of substantial CLS engineering resources for this project, it is expected to be back "on track" soon. In addition to their design work, the "outreach" work is also going well with beamlines staff giving well-received presentations at a number of international conferences


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