01 Oct 2014

October 2014 E-News

  1. Message from the new guy
  2. CIHR-THRUST open house success
  3. UAC Chair recognized by ACS
  4. Blocking African sleeping sickness' tiny culprit
  5. Teachers' workshop: Nov.29 - Dec.1
  6. Applied optics day @ CLS
  7. New staff and now hiring

1. Message from the new guy

G’day! It's good to be here.

My first month here has been a whirlwind of activity. I have been meeting and talking to many of you: staff, users, and stakeholders. 

My plan is to continue to have these key conversations over the next couple of months, to further engage as many of you as I can in helping me plan what the future CLS will look like, and indeed assisting you all in shaping Canadian synchrotron science. 

The CLS is at a critical point in its evolution. Next year is the tenth anniversary of user operations. There have been numerous achievements in this past decade. The challenge now will be to continue to strengthen our capacity, our scientific programs, our industry engagement, and to maximize our impact of what is the brightest light in Canada.

The CLS was a perfect choice personally. I hope in time, that everyone involved with the CLS will have a similar view about me. In the meantime, I welcome your thoughts on what we can and should be doing, now and going forward, to continue to have the CLS’s place among the world’s premier synchrotron facilities.

Finally, thank you for the nice weather…...I hope it lasts through this afternoon.

- Rob Lamb, executive director

2. CIHR-THRUST open house a success

The CIHR-THRUST open house, held at the CLS on Oct. 18, was a great success. Nearly 400 visitors learned about novel health research using synchrotron techniques and visited CLS beamlines and facilities. 

Our thanks to CLS staff and U of S students and faculty for their dedication to sharing our research and facility with the community. 

Check out some great photos from the open house in the CLS image gallery. 


3. UAC Chair recognized by ACS 

Dr. Andrew Grosvenor, chair of the CLS Users' Advisory Committee and University of Saskatchewan associate professor of chemistry, has been recognized as an emerging investigator by the American Chemical Society (ACS). 

Grosvenor's research on the sequestering of nuclear by-products relies on synchrotron techniques.

More information is available in the ACS article. 




4. Blocking African sleeping sickness’ tiny culprit 

Using the CLS, a team of researchers in Switzerland, Germany and Canada recently published a paper suggesting an improved way to target and treat African sleeping sickness while causing minimal harm to human hosts.

The team’s new potential treatment relies on a fundamental difference between Trypanosoma parasites and human cells in one simple cell function. 

Read the complete story on our website.




5. Teachers' workshop: Nov. 29 - Dec. 1

Connect classroom science with science research at the annual teachers' workshop. This will be an opportunity for educators to learn more about current Canadian synchrotron research through hands-on activities.

Participate in synchrotron experiments, learn about novel research, network with scientists, explore the CLS and make connections to science curricula. 

Space is limited. More information on our website.



6. Applied optics @ CLS day 

The CLS experimental facilities division is hosting a poster session and discussion covering all things optics related to beamlines on Nov. 14. Call for proposals is now open.

Sessions will cover sources, mirrors, monochromators, experimental endstation designs, detectors, projects, and upgrade plans.

For more information or to submit a proposal, please contact Tim May or Brian Yates, (306) 657-3552.



7. New staff and now hiring

We are pleased to announce employees who have recently joined the CLS:

Chunpeng Wang joins the CLS for a one year term assisting on the STXM endstation as a visiting scholar. Wang is currently working towards his PhD in physics at the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility.

Michael Smith joins the ICT team as an information technologist, bringing with him years of customer service experience from LPK Technologies. Smith obtained his computer networking technician certificate from Saskatchewan Polytechnic (formerly SIAST).

The following job postings are currently available at CLS:

Job No. 770 – Outreach Student
Job No. 767 – Mechanical Engineer

Please visit our careers page for more information.


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