01 Dec 2016

November 2016 E-News

Results of the Call

General user results are in and applicants have been notified. Due to the installation of new infrastructure in the spring of 2017, the number of available shifts has been reduced, resulting in a more competitive round of allocation. Of the 239 requests for beamtime (excluding CMCF and APS), 115 proposals were allocated beamtime. 

General user research time is allocated via competitive peer review, emphasizing the excellence of science where there is intent to publish scientific results. Proposals are reviewed by a minimum of three external reviewers.

General user beam time requests are considered at various times throughout the year. See Call for Proposals for submission dates.


2017 Annual Users' Meeting


The 2017 CLS AUM will be held as part of the 2017 Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) meeting in Toronto, May 28-June 1, 2017.

The CLS AUM will be a full day symposium consisting of a combination of invited and contributed talks, posters, and a mini workshop on EXAFS data processing.

Facility and beamline updates, as well as overviews of the science being done on the various beamlines, will be given by CLS CEO Robert Lamb, the science managers, invited speakers, and through contributed talks. We encourage all CLS and other synchrotron facility  users to submit an abstract.

Registration and abstract submission begins early December 2016. 


Peering inside a blown up battery

Have you ever had your cell phone battery swell up like a pillow, leaving you with reduced functionality?

CLS scientist Toby Bond performed highly detailed CT scans on batteries before and after pillowing to find out just what's happening inside your battery.




Happy Birthday CFI

TK Sham order of Canada

For 20 years, the Canada Foundation for Innovation has supported Canadian innovation and big science. 

Support from the CFI enables over 1,000 Canadian and international scientists to use our facility every year, working to solve humanity’s biggest problems in health, energy, agriculture, and the environment.

Thank you CFI!




24-hour Food Options at CLS

Dinner Rush offers lunch options from noon to 1 p.m. every weekday, with a variety of soups and snacks every day, with hot entree options once a week. 

Additional food items can be purchased throughout the day. 

Meals for 4-6 (including a side) can be preordered for easy-to-prepare home-cooked meals with a minimum of stress. 


New Staff & Job Vacancies


New Staff
Jianbao Zhao – Far-IR Science Associate
Ibi Bondici – BioXAS Science Associate
Parisa Ashtijoo – Experimental Floor Coordinator
Bryan Schreiner – Electrical Engineer

Job Vacancies
Job No. 879 - BioSafety Coordinator (Term)


how can we help?

If you’re looking for information on how you can use CLS techniques in your research program, please contact us using this form.

Example queries may include: Feasibility around a potential experiment? A scientific problem we can help you solve? Is your question related to a specific technique? Do you want to know more about how to apply for beamtime?

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