06 May 2016

May 2016 E-News

UAC elections, AUM award winners, humans of the CLS, changes to our travel awards, and more...
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  1. 2016 Users' Advisory Committee election
  2. Annual Users' Meeting award winners 
  3. Annual Users' Meeting poster session winners 
  4. Humans of the CLS: Meet Dr. Brian Eames 
  5. Airborne soil organic particles generated by precipitation 
  6. Changes in effect for student travel support
  7. New staff and now hiring
1. 2016 Users' Advisory Committee Election                              

The UAC is seeking nominations from the user community for the election of two members – one regular for the September 2016 to August 2019 term, and a student for the September 2016 to August 2018 term.

The UAC is currently composed of 12 members of various backgrounds.

Nominations will be accepted until Friday, June 17. Please forward your nominations to the CLS UAC clsuo@lightsource.ca

The election for 2016-2017 UAC membership will take place from Monday, July 11th to Friday, July 15th

Details on current UAC membership, terms of reference, elections, and meetings are available on the website.

2. Annual Users' Meeting award winners                     

Andrew Achkar from the University of Waterloo received the 2016 G. Michael Bancroft PhD Thesis Award at the 2016 AUM May 3.

Congratulations to all of the award winners: 

CLS Young Investigator Excellence Award – Martin Obst, University of Bayreuth 

Louis T.J. Delbaere Memorial Lecture – Barbara Lavina, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Allen Pratt Memorial Award for Community Service – Mirek Cygler, University of Saskatchewan 

User Support Award – Yongfeng Hu, CLS (SXRMB)
3. Annual Users' Meeting poster session winners                     

Congratulations to the AUM poster session award winners:

Kira Goff, University of Saskatchewan (Biological and Life Sciences) 

Anezka Popovski Kolaceke, University of Regina (Geological and Environmental Sciences) 

Tyler Morhart, University of Saskatchewan (Materials Science) 

SHAD student group (Student Poster Competition) 
4. Humans of the CLS: Meet Dr. Brian Eames               

When we spoke to University of Saskatchewan researcher Dr. Brian Eames, he was using the VESPERS beamline to study the interaction between sulfur and bone growth. Along with a team of anatomy and cell biologists in the Eames' Group, he is breaking new ground and creating new ways of identifying, and possibly preventing and curing, osteoarthritis through state-of-the-art imaging techniques.

Originally from Cleveland, Brian is also a lover of music, art, and has not missed a World Cup (of soccer) for many years. He is also actively involved with a group of biomedical researchers and a local artist to create 3D models and sculpture of experimental images. Very cool! See you around the CLS Brian...

To find out more about CLS researchers, visit our Facebook page.    
5.  Airborne soil organic particles generated by precipitation

Scientists have found that rain triggers the release of a mist of particles from wet soils into the air, a finding with consequences for how scientists model our planet's climate and future.

The evidence comes in the form of tiny glassy spheres, less than one-hundredth the width of a human hair, discovered in the Great Plains.

Important research for this projects has been conducted at CLS and the findings have been published in Nature Geoscience

6. Changes in effect for student travel support            

We have made changes to our graduate student and post-doctoral travel support program to help make your journey to Saskatoon. 

To be eligible for a travel award you must: Be a graduate or post-doctoral student enrolled at a Canadian university or college; Be included in a proposal that has been allocated beamtime at the CLS or at the CLS@APS; Agree to the Terms of the Travel Reimbursement.

See you at CLS soon... 

More details on how to apply for a travel award available on our website

7. New staff and now hiring

Welcome back to the CLS Kyle Sokul, the new Finance & Systems Manager, who joined us last month. 

The following job posting is currently available at CLS:

Please visit our careers page for more information.


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