01 Mar 2015

March 2015 E-News

  1. A message from the 3 Amigos (Directors)
  2. 10 Years of Discovery videos
  3. Scientists discover why temperature increases affecting crop yields in peas
  4. 5th Annual CLS Mx Data Collection School: June 2 - 6
  5. Biofuels and chemicals that don't cut into the food supply
  6. Surface Canada 2015, May 19 - 22, Saskatoon
  7. Register now for the CLS Annual Users' Meeting, May 4 - 6
  8. Industrial science student's award-winning poster
  9. Canadian Synchrotron Summer School: July 20 - 25
  10. Now hiring

1. A message from the 3 Amigos (Directors)

Last month our CEO announced organizational changes that established us as the new leadership of CLS Operations. Our aim was clear from the beginning: to refocus and identify ways in which CLS can become even stronger.

We have mapped out a corporate reorganization to clarify roles, enhance project delivery, address priorities now and going forward, enhance connections between units, and focus on goals, intra-divisional teams and communication, and accountability.

We are all here to help deliver the Science, and to support this we need Project Delivery, which means consistency in how we approach all projects and all work, and to build, promote, and transfer the skill sets required.

The biggest change in the Science Division is the establishment of science sector Managers, along the lines of academic department heads - beamlines are now grouped by the areas of science they most commonly work in.

With new emphasis on project management, the Machine Division has a new Project Delivery branch, which will concentrate on the assignment of technical resources to facility priorities - particularly the completion of the outstanding Phase III beamlines projects – with links to counterparts in the Science and Finance and Corporate Services divisions. Engineering and Technical Services has been split into two departments – Design and Project Delivery.

The User Services Office, as the primary customer (user) services provider is now in the Financial and Corporate Services Division, which will allow for better integration of all administrative services and databases. A new office of Budget and Project Planning has been created to facilitate the key integration between project delivery and preparation of financial forecasts for next phase of funding proposals. A new Systems Technology structure will add a renewed emphasis on software development, coordination of systems, beamlines, databases, and priority setting utilizing the project management process of integration with other divisions, while allowing for the continued focus on hardware and desktop support.

We are committed to delivering great science to our users, staff, funders and community, and we believe the introduction of some fresh new faces will help us achieve our mandate.

Dean Chapman, Science Director
Les Dallin, Machine Director
Beryl Lepage, Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Corporate Services

The CLS Organizational Chart is available here

2. 10 Years of Discovery videos now available on YouTube 

Join CEO Rob Lamb and 18 other scientists and staff from the CLS as we present 10 Years of Discovery: a series of short vignettes highlighting a proud past and promising future for synchrotron science in Canada.

Watch the videos here.




3. Scientists discover why temperature increases affecting crop yields in peas 

A collaboration between the CLS and University of Saskatchewan is proving the potential for molecular imaging in plant research that could produce greater yields, healthier varieties, and more food for a hungry planet with a rising average temperature.

"Over the last century, the average temperature, and specifically the night time temperature, has increased in western Canada. This translates into increased frequencies of warm spells during summer. Between three and five days of heat above 28 degrees can cause up to 25 per cent yield decrease in pea crops."

Read the complete story on our website.

4. 5th Annual CLS Mx Data Collection School: June 2 – 6, 2015 

The Canadian Macromolecular Crystallography Facility is pleased to announce the 5th Annual CLS Mx Data Collection School, being held at the CLS June 2 - 6, 2015.

This is an intensive hands-on data collection school intended to equip participants to effectively collect macromolecular crystal diffraction data both at the synchrotron and remotely.

This year's special topic will be an in-depth look at using Phenix during structure solution and refinement, with invited speaker Dr. Paul Adams (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory). Given enough interest, an optional introductory crystallography review will be offered on Monday June 1.

Attendance is limited so early application is encouraged. Application deadline: April 7, 2015. Visit the school website for more information and to apply.





5. Biofuels and chemicals that don't cut into the food supply

Scientists from the CLS and the University of Toronto have used the synchrotron to harness enzymes to break down tough cell walls.

U of T researcher Emma Master's team has spent the last two years studying plant cell walls, the part of the cell that gives trees and other flora their structural strength. The wall itself is built from a tight complex of sugars and polymers, and Master wants to isolate these components so they can be used to create renewable fuels, high-value chemicals, and novel bio-based materials.

Read the complete story on our website.


6. Surface Canada 2015: May 19 – 22, Saskatoon

Surface Canada 2015, hosted by the CLS and the University of Saskatchewan, will take place in Saskatoon from May 19 – 22, 2015.

Surface Canada is the premier conference on surface science in Canada. This conference is interdisciplinary in nature, and will bring together world-recognized experts and young researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines including physics, chemistry, material science engineering and many other fields and will cover a wide range of topics pertinent to surface science, from the fundamental to the applied. Surface Canada will provide an avenue for scientists from academic, industrial and government labs to meet and define the important problems in the field and to highlight emerging opportunities and potential impact to our society.

Find out more information on our website.

7. Register now for the CLS Annual Users' Meeting, May 4 – 6 

The 18th Annual Users' Meeting will be held on May 4 - 6, 2015 at TCU Place in downtown Saskatoon. This three-day event will include an exhibitor show, a poster session, banquet dinner, as well as two full days of workshops.

The CLS is celebrating 10 years of operations in 2015, and workshops will look at the future of synchrotron science in Canada and how emerging areas of science can benefit from the use of synchrotron radiation.

Register now and submit your application on our website.


8. Industrial science student's award-winning poster

Western University student and CLS industrial science researcher, Thasan Kandasamy, presented the second-prize-winning poster at the 2015 Student Minerals Colloquium in London, ON, earlier this month.

Thasan's poster is entitled "Integrated Geochemical Fingerprinting of Uranium Deposits for Sustainable Exploration and Development."





9. Canadian Synchrotron Summer School: July 20 – 25, 2015
The 2015 summer school will educate researchers and emerging scientists about the capabilities of the CLS. This year's program will focus on the use of synchrotron light in both plant and agricultural science, as well as art, art history and cultural heritage.

We invite scientists with little or no previous experience with synchrotron-based technology to apply. Participation is limited to 10 participants in each theme to ensure everyone is able to participate in hands-on sessions.

Early applications are due May 15. For more information or to apply, please visit our website.








10. Now hiring

The following job postings are currently available at CLS:

Job No. 782 - Administrative Assistant - User Services Office
Job No. 781 - Project Delivery Manager
Job No. 780 - Science Associate-Experimental Floor
Job No. 774 - MXSync General Manager
Job No. 761 - Casual Student Floor Coordinators

Please visit our careers page for more information.


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