05 Jul 2016

July 2016 E-News

1. Call for Proposals                       

The call for proposals for Cycle 25 (January-June 2017) will open July 27. Applicants may either submit a new general user proposal, or submit a beamtime request against an active proposal. In addition to normal mode operations at 250 mA, coherent synchrotron radiation shifts will be available. 

Applications close Wednesday, August 31, at noon CST. 

Please note that the installation of new infrastructure is planned for spring 2017, which will reduce the number of available shifts. View Cycle 25 schedule. Due to the reduced number of shifts available in Cycle 25, please be advised that we are expecting this round of General User allocation to be more competitive than normal.

Visit the website or contact the Users’ Office for more information.

2. Order of Canada: Dr. T.K. Sham and Robert Sawyer                
TK Sham order of Canada

Western University researcher Dr. TK Sham has been made an Officer of the Order of Canada “”for his leadership in establishing the Canadian Light Source research facility and for his seminal scientific contributions using synchrotron radiation.”

Robert Sawyer, author of Quantum Night and former CLS writer-in-residence, was also appointed as a member of the Order of Canada, "for his accomplishments as a science-fiction writer and mentor and for his contributions as a futurist."

The Order of Canada, one of the country’s highest civilian honours, was established in 1967 to recognize outstanding achievements as authors, medical researchers, social advocates, business leaders, or politicians for their dedication and service to the community and the nation.
3. Trapped electrons cause battery inefficiency                      

This month, an international team led by Dr. Sabarjit Banerjee of Texas A&M University, published results in Naturethat shed light on why and how batteries lose their ability to charge and recharge efficiently over time.

“One of the things we look at is, why do devices like cell phones and computers use up so much energy?” Banerjee said. “We’re trying to develop new materials to make better circuits that are less energy guzzling. This work hones in on the problem, and it’s a really good measurement. In the end, we were able to get to the bottom of the problem.”

Read the full story on our website

4. Team Maps molecular interactions at the point of conception

fertilization proteinResearchers at the University of Toronto have uncovered the first interactions between the human sperm and egg — the initial steps in the creation of human life. The discovery lays a foundation to better understand fertilization and could lead to the development of non-hormonal contraceptives.

The results were published in Nature on June 15. To read the whole story, visitour site
5. CLS Graduate and Post-Doctoral Student Travel Support               

We have extended the deadline for the Graduate and Post-Doctoral Student Travel Support Program for the period of July 1-September 31.

If you were planning to submit an application, but missed the May 31st deadline, please send your applications to travelsupport@lightsource.ca for consideration. 

More details on how to apply for a travel award are available on our website
6.  New staff and now hiring

New Employees:

  • Krista Shelenko – Human Resources Consultant
  • Megan Cheesbrough – Systems Analyst (Software Development)
  • Greg Broten – Systems Analyst (Software Development)
  • Kiran Mundboth – CMCF Research Associate
  • Tara Schoonbaert – Financial Services Technician

Interns and Summer Students

  • Grant Henneberg – Mechanical Engineering Intern
  • Dillon Bell – Electrical Engineering Intern
  • Sunny Lu – Accelerator Operations & Development Intern
  • Karandeep Kalsy – BMIT Technical Assistant
  • Qi Guo – Software Developer
  • Michael Butler – Software Developer
  • Vincent Emond – HXMA Technical Assistant
  • Clarissa Thomas – Education Program Assistant
  • Rongli Han – SGM Software Developer
  • Trevor Flynn – Industrial Science Assistant
  • Jessica Francis – Plant Imaging Assistant
  • Jesse Burns – Purchasing and Materials Assistant

Welcome Back to the following summer students:

  • David Forseille, BMIT Technical Assistant
  • Amanda MacDonald, Accelerator Operations & Development Assistant
  • Mylyne Tham, Outreach Assistant

Now Hiring:

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