01 Jul 2015

July 2015 E-News

  1. CLS key partner in major food security research grant
  2. Call for proposals now open for Cycle 23 (Jan - June 2016)
  3. Election results for the Users' Advisory Committee
  4. Open House and Partners in Science Festival a huge success
  5. New X-ray microscope installed in SM beamline
  6. Tracking breast cancer before it grows
  7. CLS Industrial Science on LinkedIn
  8. The dirt on Saskatchewan soil
  9. New staff and now hiring

1. CLS key partner in major food security research grant

The Canada First Research Excellence Fund has awarded the University of Saskatchewan $37.2 million over 7 years for global food security research. The Canadian Light Source is a major partner in this project, providing unique imaging capabilities to advance agricultural leadership.

The funding, the largest single grant ever awarded to the university, will help establish the Phenotyping and Imaging Research Centre as a global resource for crop breeding and food security.

Read the rest of the story on the CLS website.





2. Call for proposals now open for Cycle 23 (Jan – June 2016)

The Users' Advisory Committee will be holding an election for four new regular members for the September 2016 to August 2019 term.

The call for general user proposals for Cycle 23 is open until Sept. 2 at noon.

Applicants have the option of submitting a new proposal or a beam time request against an active proposal. Allocation of shifts for this period (Jan – June 2016) will be based on the score a proposal is given by an external review committee.

In addition to normal mode operations at 250 mA, three coherent synchrotron radiation studies will be available. These shifts must be applied for through the general user program.

If you have questions, please contact our CLS Users’ Office. For more information or to apply, please visit our website.

3. Election results for the Users' Advisory Committee

The results are in for the 2015 AUC election. Ferenc Borondics (SOLEIL Synchrotron), Ian Burgess (University of Saskatchewan), Nancy Ford (University of British Columbia), and Neil Banerjee (Western University) have been elected to the UAC to serve three-year terms, starting September 2015.

The new Chair and Vice Chair for the UAC (2015-16) are, respectively, Jeff Warner (Cameco Corp.) and Grant Henderson (University of Toronto). Both terms begin in September 2015.

The following regular members' terms ended August 2015: Adam Gillespie (CLS), Albert Berghuis (McGill University), David Hawthorn (University of Waterloo), and Joseph Sanderson (University of Waterloo).

The UAC and the CLS would like to thank Adam, Albert, David, and Joseph for their service to the user community and their work on behalf of the facility. Please contact the CLS Users' Office by email or visit the UAC page for more details.

4. Open House and Partners in Science Festival a huge success

The CLS Open House and Partners in Science Festival, June 27, was a huge success! We welcomed 1,250 visitors to our facility where they enjoyed self-guided tours of the mezzanine, a chance to chat with staff and scientists, guided tours of the experimental floor and beamlines, and an outdoor science festival featuring partners from across the province.

The event was part of our ongoing 10 Years of Discovery celebrations that will continue throughout 2015. Check out photos of the open house in our Flickr image gallery.



5. New X-ray microscope installed in SM beamline

The cryo-STXM, an all-new scanning soft X-ray microscope designed and assembled completely in-house at the CLS, was moved to its final location July 8.

Many thanks go out to the team of highly skilled technologists at CLS who facilitated the fabrication, assembly and installation processes, especially Bryan Schmiedge and Denis Beauregard who were involved from beginning to end.

This new microscope represents one third of the SM Upgrade Project (CFI Leading Edge fund, Project leader: S.G. Urquhart, University of Saskatchewan, with additional support from the AFCC Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp.).

Commissioning activities are now underway, while the second part of the SM Upgrade Project, enhancements to the X-PEEM facility, is now ramping up.




6. Tracking breast cancer before it grows

A team of scientists led by University of Saskatchewan researcher Dr. Saroj Kumar is using cutting-edge Canadian Light Source techniques to screen and treat breast cancer at its earliest changes.

Kumar’s work focuses on a type of cells that play an important role in cancer progression known as fibroblasts. What role fibroblasts play, and how specifically they affect cancer’s growth, is unclear, but they could lead to key applications in early cancer detection and treatment.

Read the full story on our website.



7. CLS Industrial Science on LinkedIn

Did you know the CLS has the highest rate of industrial use out of any synchrotron in the world? You can now follow our Industrial Science group on LinkedIn and keep up with the cutting-edge industry research being done at the brightest light in Canada.





8. The dirt on Saskatchewan soil

Whether from a field, grassland, or even the forest, Kendra Purton is finding remarkable similarities in soils across a section of Saskatchewan -- a result that neither she nor fellow soil scientist were expecting to find, and could have drastic implications on soil management at a time of changing climate.

“Regardless of the soil we were looking at, the results were remarkably similar,” said Purton, a master's student at the University of Saskatchewan. “When we looked at five different samples, from different depths, we saw more difference in, say, a 20 cm depth than we saw over a large distance.”

For the complete story, visit our website.



9. New staff and now hiring

We are pleased to announce the following new employee who recently joined the CLS:

Meghan Allen joins the CLS as a Biological Safety Coordinator and brings with her many years working in Quality Control. She obtained her B.Sc in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan and most recently worked as the Quality Assurance and Product Development Manager for InfraReady Products here in Saskatoon. Welcome to the CLS Meghan!




The following job postings are currently available at CLS:

Job No. 790 – Outreach Student (Casual)
Job No. 792 – Senior Operations Engineer
Job No. 800 – Machine Director
Job No. 801 – RF Engineer/Physicist
Job No. 802 – Financial Analyst (One Year Term)

Please visit our careers page for more information.


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