01 Jan 2015

January 2015 E-News

  1. Call for proposals for Cycle 22 now open
  2. Register now for the CLS Annual Users' Meeting, May 4 - 6
  3. G. Michael Bancroft PhD Thesis Award deadline Feb.17
  4. Our 10th anniversary and the International Year of Light
  5. Dalhousie scientist harnesses gold's potential for biomedicine and beyond
  6. Preserving genetic diversity
  7. Surface Canada 2015, May 19 - 22, Saskatoon
  8. CLS open house 2015: call for interactive displays
  9. Canadian Synchrotron Summer School, July 20 – 25, 2015
  10. New staff and now hiring

1. Call for proposals for Cycle 22 now open

The call for general user proposals for Cycle 22 is open until February 25 at noon.

Applicants have the option of submitting a new proposal or a beam time request against an active proposal. Allocation of shifts for this period (July - December 2015) will be based on the score allocated by the external review committee.

In addition to normal mode operations at 250 mA, six coherent synchrotron radiation studies will be available (these shifts must be applied for through the general user program).

If you have questions, please contact our Users' Office. For more information or to apply, please visit our website.

2. Register now for the CLS Annual Users' Meeting, May 4 - 6

The 18th Annual Users' Meeting will be held on May 4, 5 and 6, 2015 at TCU Place in downtown Saskatoon. This three-day event will include an exhibitor show, a poster session, banquet dinner, as well as two full days of workshops.

The CLS is celebrating 10 years of operations in 2015, and the workshops have been organized to discuss the future of synchrotron science in Canada and how emerging areas of science can benefit from the use of synchrotron radiation.

There is still exhibitor space available, so book your booth now!


3. G. Michael Bancroft PhD Thesis Award deadline Feb. 17

Each year, the CLS presents one user who has completed a PhD in the previous calendar year with the Bancroft Award. The winner will receive a plaque and a $3,000 cash prize. The deadline for submissions is February 17, 2015, and the winner will be announced at the Annual Users' Meeting in May.

The 2013 award was given to REIXS user and UBC graduate student Riccardo Comin (centre).

G. Michael Bancroft was the scientific director of the Canadian Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Madison, Wisconsin from 1978 to 1999, and founding executive director of the CLS. He is widely acknowledged as a driving force behind the creation of Canada’s national synchrotron facility. He received the CIC Montreal Medal in 2002, was named an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2003 and is currently professor emeritus at Western University.

To apply or for more information, please visit our website.

4. Our 10th anniversary and the International Year of Light 

The CLS is proud to announce the official launch of the International Year of Light – a celebration of light and light-based research through the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) based in Paris, France.

The year was designated by the UN to bring awareness to the importance of light and light-based technology, such as synchrotron facilities around the world. Light is used to solve tremendous scientific questions that affect the world, from pollution and energy waste solutions to health research and food security.

The CLS is also celebrating 10 years of scientific research in 2015 – a milestone that includes results used in over 1,000 scientific publications and the hosting of over 2,000 researchers from around the world.

To commemorate our 10th anniversary and the International Year of Light, we are planning a series of special events, including a special light-up-the-CLS display, a public open house in June, and a series of public talks by CLS staff and users throughout the year.

Stay tuned for details on these activities throughout 2015.

5. Dalhousie scientist harnesses gold's potential for biomedicine and beyond 

Peng Zhang is excited about gold, and you should be too.

In particular, he’s excited about nanogold, structures of a handful of atoms measuring only a few nanometers in diameter. Zhang, a researcher at Dalhousie University, and CLS user, has a unique understanding of the potential nanogolds have in biomedicine and beyond.

For one thing, gold is essentially non-toxic. Unlike other metals, people can and do eat it on chocolate, and as Zhang points out, “You can even drink gold, and you can even find certain alcohols with gold in them.”

Read the complete story on our website.



6. Preserving genetic diversity

Muhammad Anzar, a research scientist for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, is an expert in cryopreservation — you know, freezing living matter to cheat death.

His work is more careful than comic book, with a focus not on preserving full organisms but the very germs of life: semen, oocytes and embryos.

“Basically my appointment in Agriculture Agri-Food Canada is about biodiversity and conservation. We are running a Canadian Animal Genetic Resource program to preserve the genetic diversity of our livestock species,” Anzar explains.

Read the complete story on our website.

7. Surface Canada 2015: May 19 - 22, Saskatoon

Surface Canada 2015, hosted by the CLS and the University of Saskatchewan, will take place in Saskatoon from May 19 - 22, 2015.

Surface Canada is the premier conference on surface science in Canada. This conference is interdisciplinary in nature, and will bring together world-recognized experts and young researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines including physics, chemistry, material science engineering and many other fields and will cover a wide range of topics pertinent to surface science, from the fundamental to the applied. Surface Canada will provide an avenue for scientists from academic, industrial and government labs to meet and define the important problems in the field and to highlight emerging opportunities and potential impact to our society.

Find out more information on our website.

8. CLS Open House, June 27: call for interactive displays

As part of our 10th anniversary commemorations, we are planning a public open house on Saturday, June 27, in which we will open our doors in an unprecedented way to the public.

We are looking for talented graduate students and users interested in sharing their research in an interactive, meaningful, and engaging manner with the general public. If you would like to participate with big, bright, beautiful visuals and activities that will inspire adults and children alike, please contact us!

For discuss your ideas and potential involvement, please contact Sandra Ribeiro, (306) 657-3558.


9. Canadian Synchrotron Summer School: July 20 – 25, 2015

The 2015 summer school will educate researchers and emerging scientists about the capabilities of the CLS. This year's program will focus on the use of synchrotron light in both plant and agricultural science, as well as art, art history and cultural heritage.

We invite scientists with little or no previous experience with synchrotron-based technology to apply. Participation is limited to 10 participants in each theme to ensure everyone is able to participate in hands-on sessions.

For more information or to apply, please visit our website.


10. New staff and now hiring

We are pleased to announce the following employee who recently joined the CLS:

Mark Schnell – Quality Assurance Specialist. Mark is an energetic QA professional, and has made huge impacts in past workplaces. He relocated from Moose Jaw, SK, and brings with him years of experience in management systems, standards, regulations and quality assurance. Prior to relocating to Saskatoon, he worked as the Quality Supervisor at Bombardier, Military Aviation Training. He obtained his Diploma in Quality Management from the University of Manitoba.

Gord Barkway – Mechanical Engineer. Gord is returning to the CLS after a number of years working at Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Canada, LTD, where he worked as the Manager in the Projects and Engineering Division. He brings along with him years of project management, as well as knowledge of the CLS gained from his prior position of Mechanical Engineer back in 2007/2008. Gord obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Saskatchewan.

The following jobs are currently posted:

• Job No. 774 – MXSync General Manager
• Job No. 770 – Outreach Student
• Job No. 761 – Casual Student Floor Coordinators

Please visit our careers page for more information. 


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