02 Feb 2016

February 2016 E-News

  1. Call for proposals now open: cycle 24 (July–December 2016)
  2. CLS AUM (May 2–3) registration, exhibitor, sponsor, and poster session information
  3. Nominations open for Allen Pratt, User Support, and Young Investigator Awards
  4. 6th Annual CLS Mx Data Collection School: May 24–28
  5. Breast cancer therapy research – exploring new techniques
  6. Reminder to users of CLS acknowledgement
  7. CLS Café now open
  8. Travel support for users
  9. New staff and now hiring

1. Call for proposals now open: cycle 24 (July–December 2016)

Visit us at the Nuit Blanche art festival this Saturday

The call for proposals is now open for peer-reviewed access to beamtime, July to December 2016 (cycle 24). Applicants may either submit a new general user proposal, or submit a beamtime request against an active proposal. In addition to normal mode operations at 250 mA, coherent synchrotron radiation shifts will be available. Applications close Wednesday, February 24 at noon CST. 

The CLS has determined that summer 2016 is not the ideal time to complete the previously planned installation of new infrastructure, and the plan is now for these activities to be completed in the first half of 2017. Please note that July and August 2016 are now available for research. View the cycle 24 schedule for more information.

Visit the website to apply or contact the Users’ Office with any questions.





2. CLS AUM (May 2 & 3) registration, exhibitor, sponsor, and poster session information   

Industrial Scientist receives Best Technical Paper award at CMA2015]The 2016 CLS 19th Annual Users' Meeting and associated workshops will take place in Saskatoon, May 2 & 3.

Registration is now open and early bird prices will be in effect until April 1. Registration closes April 20. Visit theregistration page of the website for more details. 

Interested vendors, exhibitors and sponsors are welcome to contact the Users' Office for more details on how to participate. 

Poster prizes of $300 will be awarded in the areas of materials science, geological/environmental, biological/life sciences, and macromolecular structures. Posters are presented and judged at the AUM and awarded at the banquet dinner. Students need only apply. More on the website. 

See you May 2... 

3. Nominations open for Allen Pratt, User Support, and Young Investigator Awards 

Social Scientist in Residence: commercialization of synchrotron-enabled scienceThe Users' Advisory Committee of the CLS is accepting nominations for the Allen Pratt, User Support, and Young Investigator Awards.

The Allen Pratt Award recognizes outstanding service and dedication to the CLS and the Canadian Synchrotron community by a current user (or team of users) who has (have) made a significant, recent contribution.

The User Support Award is given to a CLS staff member who has provided outstanding help to visiting researchers.  

The Young Investigator Excellence Award is given to an individual who is an early-career researcher with an excellent publication and/or technical contribution where the CLS has played a substantial role. 

Please nominate a deserving candidate today. Nominations close March 31. More information on the awards page on the website. 




4. 6th Annual CLS Mx Data Collection School: May 24–28  

2020 Health Vision Conference, Oct. Oct. 19 – 20, SaskatoonThe Canadian Macromolecular Crystallography Facility is pleased to announce the 6th Annual CLS Mx Data Collection School, being held at the CLS May 24–28, 2016.

This intensive hands-on data collection school equips participants to effectively collect macromolecular crystal diffraction data at the synchrotron and remotely. In addition, this year's invited speaker is Dr. Jeffrey Lee from the University of Toronto, who will guide participants in using the molecular replacement method and in making effective use of COOT.

Given enough interest, an optional introductory crystallography review will be offered May 23. Attendance is limited so early application is encouraged. Application deadline is March 29. Visit the school website for more information and to apply.


5.  Breast cancer therapy research – exploring new techniques  

2020 Health Vision Conference, Oct. Oct. 19 – 20, SaskatoonCLS Scientist Xia Liu is using the micro-beam capabilities of the Biomedical Imaging and Therapy 05ID-2 beamline to research breast cancer therapy methods.

Micro-beams are created by splicing the broad X-ray beam into 50 micron wide stripes.  

Liu and a team of researchers from BMIT, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, City Hospital, Alberta Health Services, ESRF, and the University of Saskatchewan have taken donated breast cancer tumors obtained from patients in Saskatoon and work on defining the therapeutic index of the process. In the future, the team hopes to extend the technique to live animals. 

Please contact Dr. Liu or visit the BMIT website for more information on breast cancer therapy research at the CLS. 

6. Reminder to users of CLS acknowledgement  

2020 Health Vision Conference, Oct. Oct. 19 – 20, SaskatoonA reminder to users to please acknowledge any research or data obtained at the CLS wherever possible. 

Researchers are asked to acknowledge the beamline(s), as well as the participation of any beamline staff who may have assisted in any aspect of an experiment, and to include our standard statement when presenting results from the CLS or CLS@APS program.

Visit the acknowledgements page of our website for more details. 



7. CLS Café now open 

2020 Health Vision Conference, Oct. Oct. 19 – 20, SaskatoonHungry? The CLS Café is now offering fresh sandwiches, soups, chili, pasta, tuna, and a selection of snacks.

The café is located in the main lunch room and is open Mon–Fri from 11:45 am–12:45 pm. Access is also available after hours by contacting the CLS floor coordinator (ext 3639).   



8. Travel support for users

Register for the CLS Annual Workshop for Teachers, Dec. 5– 7A reminder that all eligible and new users can take advantage of the travel support available to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows travelling to the CLS and CLS@APS for beamtime.

Find out how to apply on our website.






9. New staff and now hiring

Welcome to new employees Denis Spasyuk, Industrial Scientist (Mx Services), and Megan Findlater, Human Resources Assistant (Co-op program).

CLS is hiring:

Job No. 837 – Systems Technology Software Developer
Job No. 838 – Systems Technology Software Developer (Acquaman)

Please visit our careers page for more information.

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