01 Nov 2016

October 2016 E-News

10 Years of Crystallography

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the first crystal diffraction image collected at CMCF (shown left). Since the first data was collected and the first peer-reviewed article published in 2006, the CLS has become a hub of activity for crystallographers.

Thanks to dedicated researchers, the support of CLS staff, and the Beamline Advisory Team, publications from data collected at the facility now number more than 425 articles and 800 structures deposited in the Protein Data Bank. Several exciting upgrades are being implemented to meet the evolving needs of the crystallography community. These include higher flux on both beamlines, micro-beam capabilities, and  faster data collection and sample transfer times in order to meet tomorrow’s challenges.
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Understanding the Path of Syphilis

In 2001, new cases of syphilis around the world hit at an all-time low. Since then, the number of new cases has kept growing.

University of Victoria research team is using the Canadian Light Source to help discover how key proteins play a role in how syphilis infections work.

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Stay at the CLS Guesthouse

Next time you come to the CLS, be sure to book your stay or host your meeting at the Guesthouse!

Our WiFi upgrade is complete, so you can now access the internet or watch movies on your personal electronic device without interruption.

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Stuck on Oyster Adhesive

TK Sham order of Canada

Colgate University researchers led by Dr. Rebecca Metzler are studying the Eastern oyster and its adhesive to preserve vital coastal ecosystems.

The oyster adhesive plays a key role in oyster reefs, and with a long stability under water, has several unique properties with potential applications in industry.

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Help Improve lightsources.org

The Canadian Light Source is part of a collaboration of light source facilities known as lightsources.org, and we need your help to improve the group's website. 

This site is a regularly updated global resource, providing information and updates about light sources, and opportunities for international collaboration.

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Nuit Blanche Combines Food, Art and Science

Thanks to all who came out for Nuit Blanche Saskatoon and checked out our exhibit with Usask STEAM. We love this opportunity to cross art with science every year!

Our exhibit was a 15-foot grain elevator, which showcased archival images of farming in Saskatchewan alongside plant imaging results from the CLS to tell the story of this province's proud farming history and innovative agricultural future. 



New RSC members from our users 

Andy Sun, a CLS user and collaborator, was named to the Royal Society of Canada. 

The CLS Innovation division has also collaborated with David Shoesmith, another new RSC inductee. 

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Professional Development Opportunity: Teachers’ Workshop 

The CLS invites science teachers at the middle years, high school, and college levels to our annual Teachers’ Workshop in Saskatoon on December 2-4, 2016.

These workshops build stronger connections between scientific research and science education by providing training for teachers to engage their students in authentic research using a light source facility.

This year the workshop will include a free public seminar from Dr. Chithra Karunakaran on food security research.

When: December 2nd – 4th
Where: Canadian Light Source, Saskatoon, SK
Price: $225.00 + GST
Register Today: http://www.lightsource.ca/pages/teacher_professional
Contact Us: teachersworkshop@lightsource.ca or 306-657-3525
Limited funding is available

New Staff & Job Vacancies

New Staff
Rhonda Stang – Corporate Secretary
Glen Currie – Supply Chain Services Coordinator
Ashley Geddes – Administrative Assistant
Zachary Arthur – SGM Science Associate
Patricia Kozub – Administrative Assistant
Curtis Mullin – Mechanical Engineer
Jan Geilhufe – SM Research Associate
Tyler Mayers – Contract Specialist
Job Vacancies
Job No. 871 – Senior Scientist – BMIT

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