01 Dec 2015

December 2015 E-News

  1. CLS joins PTRC to find solutions for oil industry
  2. Diagnosing osteoarthritis before it appears
  3. General user results for cycle 23 (Jan– Jun 2016)
  4. CLS holiday schedule
  5. Tackling mill effluent treatment with chemistry
  6. CLS researcher wins first prize at crop science competition
  7. Travel support for users
  8. New staff and now hiring

1. CLS joins PTRC to find solutions for oil industry 

Innovation Saskatchewan and the Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC), along with the Universities of Calgary and Regina, announced an innovative research collaboration at the CLS Nov. 20. The synchrotron will be used to image a heavy oil system, offering a detailed visualization of the dynamics of foamy oil formation as a reservoir is depressurized. Understanding foamy oil formation, the key mechanism in heavy oil recovery, is crucial for optimizing recovery rates in these challenging reservoirs. Find out more on our website.




2. Diagnosing osteoarthritis before it appears   

Arthritis is the leading cause of long-term disability in Canada, with osteoarthritis being the most common form of the disease. It is estimated that 14.2 per cent of Canadians suffer from osteoarthritis.

Arash Panahifar, a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Saskatchewan, along with a team of scientists from the U of S and the University of Alberta, have identified early signs of the disease using BMIT imaging techniques.

Read the rest of the science highlight on our website.



3. General user results are in for cycle 23 (Jan– June 2016)

General user results are in, and applicants have been notified. You can read more about the results on the website.

Research time allocated through the general user application is via competitive peer review, emphasizing the excellence of science where there is intent to publish scientific results.

General user beam time requests are considered at various times throughout the year. See Call for Proposals for submission dates.



4. CLS holiday schedule

Seasons Greetings from everyone at the CLS.

Please note that our reception will be closed between Dec. 24 and Jan. 4. You will require a badge if you wish to access the facility during this time.

The CLS will resume normal hours on Jan. 5.









5. Tackling mill effluent treatment with chemistry

Jared Robertson grew up admiring the CLS synchrotron from afar. Today, the University of Saskatchewan student uses it to address some of the uranium industry’s most pressing questions

"It's been exciting to do some amazing science right in my backyard,” says Robertson. “I grew up in Saskatoon, knowing what the CLS was, and when I went to university it was kind of like this magical place that I had no idea how to use."

Find out more about Jared and this project on our website.


6. CLS researcher wins first prize at crop science competition

Yunfei Jiang, a PhD candidate from the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Saskatchewan, has been awarded first place in the Graduate Student Oral Competition in the division of “Crop Physiology and Metabolism” during the 2015 Agronomy Society of America - Crop Science Society of America - Soil Science Society of America annual and international meeting in Minneapolis, MN, Nov. 15-18. Congratulations Yunfei!





7. Travel support for users

The User Advisory Committee would like to remind all eligible and new users to take advantage of the travel support available to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows travelling to the CLS and CLS@APS for beamtime.

More information on our website.






8. New staff and now hiring

Welcome to new CLS employees who joined us in November:

Bronwynn Cutts – Corporate Services Assistant
Michael Jacobs – Research Associate (SyLMAND)

Now Hiring:

Job No. 816 – BioXAS Science Associate
Job No. 818 – Financial Services Manager 
Job No. 829 – Mechanical Engineering Intern
Job No. 830 – Electrical Engineering Intern
Job No. 831 – Accelerator Operations & Development Intern

Please visit our careers page for more information.


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