01 Apr 2015

April 2015 E-News

  1. Surface Canada 2015, May 19 - 22: early bird registration closes today
  2. Malaria researcher named 2014 Bancroft Award winner
  3. CLS Open House: June 27
  4. Cause of wheat resistance to scab identified
  5. Revolutionary catalyst discovered
  6. Canadian Synchrotron Summer School, July 20 - 25
  7. Now Hiring

1. Surface Canada 2015, May 19 – 22: early bird registration closes today

Surface Canada 2015, hosted by the CLS and the University of Saskatchewan, will take place in Saskatoon from May 19 – 22. Registration is open and the early bird deadline is today!

Surface Canada is the premier surface science meeting in Canada. This conference is interdisciplinary in nature, and will bring together world-recognized experts and young researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines including physics, chemistry, material science engineering and many other fields, and will cover a wide range of topics pertinent to surface science, from the fundamental to the applied. Surface Canada will provide an avenue for scientists from academic, industrial and government labs to meet and define the important problems in the field, and to highlight emerging opportunities and potential impact to our society.

Register now on our website.

2. Malaria researcher named 2014 Bancroft Award winner 

Every year the CLS presents the G. Michael Bancroft PhD Thesis Award to a graduate student with the strongest published work using data collected at the synchrotron.

This year, the award has been given to researcher Michelle (Tonkin) Parker from the University of VIctoria.

As a graduate student in Prof. Martin Boulanger's research group, she has published more than 10 papers related to the basis of malaria infection mechanisms.

Congratulations Dr. Parker! Read more on our website.

3. CLS Open House: June 27

The CLS is celebrating 10 years of scientific discovery, so we are opening up the facility to the public.

Join us for tours of the beamlines, visit our experimental facilities, and chat with our scientists about their research. There will be hands-on activities for kids too!

See you June 27. Visit our Facebook page for more details.

4. Cause of wheat resistance to scab identified

A nasty disease that can wreak havoc on wheat crops has been identified by scientists, allowing plant breeders to develop better varieties with higher yields for farmers.

Known as Fusarium head blight, FHB is a fungus that attacks the head of the wheat plant, causing the kernels to shrivel up and produce toxins, leaving the plant discoloured and completely inedible for people and animals.

“Fusarium is a huge problem worldwide,” said Dr. Rachid Lahlali, CLS plant innovation research associate. “It can affect up to 50 per cent of crop yields around the world in certain areas. Obviously this is a huge problem.”

Read the complete story on our website.

5. Revolutionary catalyst discovered

Researchers have developed a new catalyst material that outperforms benchmarks and opens the door to significant advances in petroleum refinement and industrial applications. It’s an industry first, and there’s plenty of room to build on the new discovery.

Catalysts speed up chemical reactions without themselves being used up. Catalysis is a $16-billion industry, which contributes up to 35 per cent of the global Gross Domestic Product.

Read the rest of the story on our website.



6. Canadian Synchrotron Summer School, July 20 – 25: application deadline May 15

The 2015 summer school will educate researchers and emerging scientists about CLS capabilities. This year's program will focus on the use of synchrotron light in both plant and agricultural science, as well as art, art history and cultural heritage.

We invite scientists with little or no previous experience with synchrotron-based technology to apply. Participation is limited to 10 participants in each theme to ensure everyone is able to participate in hands-on sessions.

Early applications are due May 15. For more information or to apply, please visit our website.








7. Now hiring

The following job postings are currently available at CLS:

Job No. 794 - Medical Isotope Production - Operations Engineer
Job No. 793 - Education Coordinator
Job No. 792 - Mechanical Engineer
Job No. 791 - Controls Analyst
Job No. 790 - Outreach Student (Casual)
Job No. 789 - Postdoctoral Fellow - Agriculture Innovation Program
Job No. 787 - Biological Safety Coordinator - HSE
Job No. 788 - VESPERS Research Associate
Job No. 781 - Project Delivery Manager
Job No. 774 - MXSync General Manager
Job No. 761 - Casual Student Floor Coordinators

Please visit our careers page for more information.


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