Mining and Environment

The mining industry is constantly searching for new ways to effectively extract resources from the earth in areas from exploration to efficient waste management.

Synchrotron techniques can provide valuable information in many areas of the mining process, from metals recovery to tailings management, by identifying metallic phases and amorphous compounds in effluents and mine tailings.

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   “The CLS is becoming a standard tool that’s in our research tool belt…
    and the mining and regulatory communities certainly recognize the benefits.”



  • Identify trace mineral phases that may impact process conditions using microdiffraction.
  • Chemical speciation and element oxidation state determination to aid in predictive management of mine tailings.
  • Increased efficiency of mineral processing through a better understanding of mineral formation, porosity, chemistry and trace element partioning in rocks on the micron scale.
  • Characterization of hazardous dusts and aerosols related to worker Occupational Health and Safety issues.
  • Characterization of feedstock and refinery products that can optimize processing conditions.



Synchrotron advantages over conventional research techniques

  • Element and oxidation state selective analysis
  • Spatial correlations of metals at the micron scale
  • Minimal sample preparation required, limiting chemical artifacts
  • Speciation of metal contaminants in tailings and/ or pore waters
  • Microdiffraction of mineral phases for exploration purposes
  • In-situ experiments on mineral processing reactions

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