CLS Earth and Environmental Science Theme Workshop

Monday, May 5 and Tuesday May 6, 2008
Radisson Hotel, Saskatoon

Welcome to the website for the Canadian Light Source Earth and Environmental Science Theme Workshop.

This is the second in a series of three workshops to be held in the “pillar areas” of the CLS (the other two being Life Science, and Materials and Molecular Science). The goals of this workshop are:

We will focus on two major aspects of environmental synchrotron research. The first is a more general discussion on how synchrotron research fits into the overall research directions for Canadian environmental science. It will include experts from regulatory, industrial, and governmental agencies to discuss future research opportunities and needs, international experts on integrating molecular-scale research methods into large-scale remediation and reclamation projects, and experts to explain how international synchrotrons are supporting environmental sciences. The second focus will be on innovative environmental science applications from experts on soft and hard x-ray absorption spectroscopy, microprobe techniques, infrared and x-ray spectromicroscopy, as well as other emerging techniques.

This workshop is an opportunity for members of the CLS earth and environmental science community and invited experts from around the world to discuss the future direction of our national synchrotron facility in the molecular environmental sciences. The CLS community has many strengths in this area of research.  Success in constructing a single vision for the future of environmental research at the CLS will only be achieved with the participation of our community, so I encourage you to attend our workshop and make your voices heard.

Dr. Derek Peak
Chair of the Earth and Environmental Science Theme Workshop
Assistant Professor, Environmental Soil Chemistry
College of Agriculture and Bioresources
University of Saskatchewan