About CLS Educational Programs 

The goal of the CLS educational programs is to make scientific research using synchrotron techniques accessible to everyone. Our educational programs train researchers, engage students at all levels, and provide professional development for educators.

The Synchrotron and Some Research Conducted Here

What is a Synchrotron? 

How Does the Synchrotron Work?

What Research is Done at the CLS? 

Programs and Events

Undergraduate Research

This developing program offers the opportunity for undergraduate students to take part in their own synchrotron research offered through an undergraduate course. For more information please contact our Education Programs Lead - Tracy Walker.

Students on the Beamlines

This school-based program offers opportunities for high school students to design and participate in their own synchrotron experiments with the help from their teachers and CLS mentors. For more information please contact us.

Light Source Student Experience

This new program is an engaging inquiry for secondary students to experience a synchrotron-based investigation of everyday science that is connected to curriculum. 

Teacher Professional Development

Looking for a speaker at your profession development day? We can come out and provide information about our programming, events, and the synchrotron.

Teachers' Workshop 
The CLS also offers an in-house professional development opportunity for teachers called the Teachers' Workshop. This program provides teachers with knowledge and resources for their classroom practice, as well as familiarity with the synchrotron facility, techniques, and safety training required for beamline use. To participate in Students on the Beamlines, a teacher supervisor must attend the annual Teachers' Workshop.

Lessons and Resources

Activities and lesson plans designed for classroom use connected to science curricular goals and outcomes.

Career Connections

Members of CLS staff were interviewed about their education and career path that led them to the CLS. These short videos are a great resource to share with students.  

Contact Us

Tracy Walker
Education Programs Lead 
Phone: 306-657-3525

Anna-Maria Boechler 
Education Coordinator

Phone: 306-657-3745

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