Young Investigator Award

Award Description

The Young Investigator Excellence Award shall be bestowed upon an individual who is an early-career researcher. Selection will be made on the basis of excellence in the candidate’s publications and/or technical contributions where the Canadian Light Source has played a substantial role. The award recipient need not be affiliated with a Canadian institution but must show exceptional promise as a developing leader in their scientific area.


The recipient will receive a cash prize of $500 CAD.

Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria must be met for a candidate to be eligible for this award:

Obligation of the Recipient

The recipient of the award is obliged to present a lecture on a subject of interest to the synchrotron community at the annual CLS Annual Users’ Meeting or in non-AUM years to present at a conference in their area of research.  The travel must be completed within 12 months of receipt of the award and eligible to receive travel funds up to $2000 CAD. The lecture may relate to the citation of the award, or to current activity.

Nomination Process and Selection Information

The CLS Users’ Advisory Committee (UAC) may choose the 2017 awardee through an internal nomination and selection process if insufficient nominations are received in the inaugural year of the award. 

Selection of the awardee will be based solely upon the information described above. An individual cannot receive this award more than once, though there is no limit to the number of times an applicant can be nominated (if unsuccessful in prior cycles). An award may not be awarded in certain years if a user having contributed significantly to the community has not been nominated.

Deadline: All nominations must be received by the UAC Chair, Grant Henderson, E-mail:  by April 21, 2017.

Previous Recipients of this Award:


2017 – Riccardo Comin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2016 - Martin Obst, University of Bayreuth (Sponsored by VAT, Incorporated)


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