Case Studies

The following case studies are stories originally produced for our business newsletter, InnoVision, featuring a selection of our customers.

evraz CLS pdfEvraz (PDF)
"The CLS was able to offer conclusive evidence." 
July 2010



lorax environmental services CLSLorax Environmental Services (PDF)
“The CLS is becoming a standard tool that’s in our research tool belt …
and the mining and regulatory communities certainly recognize the benefits.”

July 2010



biotron clsBiotron (PDF)
“Without the help of the CLS we really couldn’t say that our process is unique.”
May 2009



chevron CLSChevron (PDF)
“The group at the Canadian Light Source is the premier group in the world for this kind of work.”
January 2009



Synodon Inc. (PDF)
"The measurements that we have made could only be done at the CLS and have been very useful in helping us optimize the performance of our instrument."
September 2008



shutout solutions nanotechnology clsShutout Solutions (PDF)
"We have conducted a series of tests, and we plan to continue testing to ensure quality control, such as shelf-life and other aspects."
September 2008



cameco contaminants clsCameco (PDF)
"We could only postulate how the contaminants were associated with adjacent elements. Now we can answer that question."
September 2008



vale inco clsVale Inco (PDF)
"The data we're getting from our synchrotron work demonstrates that the CLS is a key resource for our technical operations."
May 2008



mosaic clsMosaic (PDF)
"We came to the CLS with problems... and now they're solving them with us."
August 2007



areva clsAreva Resources Canada (PDF)
"CLS helped us gain technical certainty in our quest for environmental sustainability."
May 2007

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  • Unique-in-Canada analytical services:
    • Advanced X-ray imaging
    • Non-destructive testing
    • In-situ investigations
    • Bulk and surface investigations
  • A strong team of accomplished scientists to work with you to develop scientific experiments that meet industry standards
  • A full range of access modes to suit your needs
  • Remote data collection from anywhere in the world
  • On-site data collection, taking advantage of Saskatoon’s central location
  • Mail-in service, where competent staff perform experiments for you
  • Expertise across the scientific spectrum
  • Leading-edge research and development
  • A trusted reputation

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