Synchrotron Laboratory for Micro And Nano Devices (SyLMAND) 05B2-1


The SyLMAND facility at the Canadian Light Source is dedicated to research in and fabrication of high aspect ratio microstructures.  The X-ray beamline is used to pattern thick polymer resists. The supporting clean room houses facilities for primary UV patterning and fabrication of X-ray masks, seed layer metallization, wet chemical processing, gold and nickel electroplating, inspection and metrology.  A large variety of devices can be fabricated in different applications such as micro-electric-mechanical systems (MEMS), biomedical and optics/photonics.

  • Status

    Accepting Proposals


    150 mm x 15 mm


    700 W


    12.4 – 0.82 Å


    1 – 15 keV


    Bending Magnet


Dedicated X-ray scanner for full-wafer exposure under vacuum including capabilities for inclined and aligned exposures.


  • Deep X-ray lithography
  • LIGA process lithography steps


Scientist – Beamline Responsible: Garth Wells (306) 657-3736

Associate Scientist: Michael Jacobs (306) 657-3799
Beamline Team Leaders:

  • David Klymyshyn
  • Sven Achenbach
Beamline Telephone: (306) 657-3617
  • SyLMAND beamline optics section (upstream) with custom built double mirror & beam positioning system and differential pumping /vacuum isolation window section

  • Left to Right: Garth Wells, Sven Achenbach, David Klymyshyn

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