Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopy (SM) 10ID-1


The Spectromicroscopy (SM) beamline user group has strong research programs ranging from polymer science, environmental science, and biological applications to novel material design and magnetic imaging.

An Apple II type undulator provides an intense beam in the 130-2700 eV energy range with user-specified polarization (varying from an arbitrary inclined linear polarization to circular polarization). An infinity corrected plane grating monochromator (PGM) with vertical dispersion plane is designed for a nominal resolving power of 3000 and flux as high as possible. The PGM works with collimated light and allows for the free choice of grating magnification parameters, providing the best compromise between energy resolution (approaching a resolving power of 10000), high order rejection and grating efficiency.

  • Status

    Accepting Proposals

  • Spot size:

    STXM: 30 nm
    X-PEEM: 50 nm

  • Energy Resolution (E/ΔE)


  • Energy Range

    130 – 2700 eV

  • Wavelength

    95 – 4.5 Å

  • Flux ( Ph/s/0.1%BW) @ 100 mA

    STMX: ~108 ph/s in 30 nm spot,
    PEEM: ~1012 ph/s in 50 µm spot

  • Source

    75 mm generalized Apple II Elliptically Polarizing Undulator (EPU)


Beamline Scientist: Jian Wang (306) 657-3546
Research Associate:  Jay Dynes (306) 657-3840
Science Associate:  Yingshen Lu (306) 657-3743
Beamline Telephone: (306) 657-3609
Beamline Team Leader: Stephen Urquhart
Beamteam Members:
Adam Hitchcock 
John Lawrence
Joseph Gardella 
Konstantin Kaznacheyev 
Martin Obst
Sarbajit Banerjee
Chithra Karunakaran


  • Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscope (STXM) is an advanced microscope designed at the CLS, similar to a prototype which operated on Beamline at the Advanced Light Source (Berkeley)
  • Cryo-STXM (commissioning)
  • X-ray Photo emission Electron Microscope (X-PEEM) that has been acquired commercially from Elmitec
  • Photoemission Electron Microscope (PEEM) (same microscope using UV source)


Entrance slit-less plane grating monochromator; a single grating substrate with three stripes. Optics allows easy switching between the two parallel endstations, STXM and X-PEEM.


  • Cryo-STXM Tomography
  • NEXAFS Spectromicroscopy - X-PEEM mode
  • NEXAFS Spectromicroscopy - STXM transmission mode
  • NEXAFS Spectromicroscopy - STXM TEY mode
  • NEXAFS Spectromicroscopy - STXM XRF mode
  • Soft X-ray Tomography
  • X-ray Linear Dichroism
  • X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism (XMCD)
  • STXM-Ptychography

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