Soft X-ray Microcharacterization Beamline (SXRMB) 06B1-1


  • Status

    Accepting Proposals

  • Endstations

    High Energy XPS

  • Energy Range (keV)

    1.7 - 10

  • Wavelength (Å)

    7.3 - 1.3

  • Resolution Δ E/E @ E

    InSb (111): 3.3 x 10-4
    Si (111): 1.0 X 104

  • Flux (g/s/0.1%BW) @ 100 mA

    >1.0 × 1011

  • Spot Size (H × V)

    ~1 mm × 4 mm

  • Focusing

    Torroidal Mirror


Senior Scientist: Yongfeng Hu 306-657-3722
Scientist: Qunfeng Xiao 306-657-3833
Support Scientist: Aimee Maclennan 306-657-3568

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