Beam Team Member Priority Access

Proposal Submission

User time obtained through beamline team members is defined in the Beamline Team Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CLSI.

Beamline Team Members are a committee of scientists representative of the community of scientists each associated with a Canadian university or scientists associated with another university acceptable to the Beamline Team and CLSI, dedicated to research that involves the use and application of the Beamline. The Beamline Team provides leadership and expertise on the design, construction, testing and operation of the beamlines and oversees the eventual upgrading of Beamline capabilities.

Priority Access will be an allocation of beam time to Beamline Team members according to the internal agreement of Beamline Team. The Beamline Team will satisfy CLSI that there is an accepted method of allocation of this time among the Beamline Team dedicated to research involving the use and application of the Beamlines.

Proposal submissions are accepted throughout the year, but must be received a minimum of four weeks prior to your scheduled experiment for the necessary safety and technical reviews, and ethics (if required). All proposals must be approved prior to performing the experiment. Beamteam members submit proposal(s) via the User portal “Proposals” “Create a Rapid Access Proposal” proposal type “Beamteam Member”. Details about CLSI Web Portal: How to Create and Manage Your Proposals are available here

An access fee of $1 per eight hour shift and fees for other items such as materials and supplies and/or shipping or receiving of samples/products are invoiced on a regular basis.

Program Review for Beamline Team

Beamline Teams will have their scientific program reviewed by an NSERC peer review committee every three years. Proposals for priority access are not submitted to a CLSI peer review committee; however, Beamline Team members may choose to apply for beam time through the general user or purchased access mechanisms.

Allocation for Beamline Team Member 

The Allocation Committee meets twice per year (May/November) to allocate beamtime on all beamlines and for all categories. See Beamline Allocation for Beamline Team Member process.

Scheduling Beam Time 

CLSI performs the scheduling on all beamlines. Each scheduling cycle will identify the number of eight-hour shifts to be allocated to each experiment or group. The beamline staff perform the detailed scheduling for each experimental facility using input from the allocation committee, beam team and users to optimize the final schedule.

The beamtime leader informs CLS of the team members who will be utilizing the beamteam member allocation. Beamline staff will contact the appropriate team members to arrange appropriate scheduling. Confirmation of scheduling is provided by the User Office via the web portal. (see Creating and Managing your Proposal).

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