Assessment Criteria

Initial assessment criteria

The CLS management will use the following criteria to review the initial submission.

  1. Does the science mission of the infrastructure align with the CLS Strategic Research Areas of health, agriculture, environment, and advanced materials? 
  2. Will the infrastructure be competitive with similar infrastructure on this continent (if any)?
  3. Is the proposer a strong candidate as a PI on a major grant in this field?
    • Do they have significant experience in the technique, or have experience that is directly relevant?
    • Do they have a good recent (last 5 years) record of publications and grant success?
  4. Is there likely to be a significant Canadian user community for the infrastructure?

Note that CLS will not base its assessment of criteria 2 and 4 solely on the material provided. It is not intended that the bar for success be particularly high at this initial stage. However, please be aware that the review by the SAC will be rigorous, and that competition for resources in general, and the last straight section in particular, is likely to be intense.

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