Allen Pratt Memorial Award for Community Service

In memory of Dr. Allen Pratt, 1959 – 2013.

Award Description

The Allen Pratt Memorial Award for Community Service commemorates the contributions that Dr. Pratt made to the Canadian Synchrotron radiation community. Dr. Pratt contributed to the development of the Canadian synchrotron community; was always more than happy to provide advice to new users; and, was the first general user of the CLS.  
This award recognizes outstanding service and dedication to the CLS and Canadian Synchrotron community by a current user (or team of users) who has (have) made a significant, recent contribution to the CLS community. The Allen Pratt Award is awarded every two years during a year with a User's Meeting. The next award will be presented in 2019.

Examples of community service that this award recognizes include:

Note: Nominations must be for current contributions to the CLS community, in areas such as those listed.


Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria must be met for a candidate to be eligible for this award:

Nomination Procedure and Selection Information

Selection of the awardee will be based upon demonstrated contributions to the synchrotron community as outlined in the letter of nomination. An individual cannot receive this award more than once, though there is no limit to the number of times an applicant can be nominated (if unsuccessful in prior cycles). An award may not be awarded in certain years if a user having contributed significantly to the community has not been nominated.

Deadline: Nominations for the Allen Pratt Award are currently closed.

Previous Recipients of this Award:

2017 – T.K. Sham, Univeristy of  Western Ontario
2016 – Mirek Cygler, University of Saskatchewan
2015 – Adam Hitchcock, McMaster University


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