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Proposal Submission

User time allocated through this mechanism is via competitive peer review, two times per year, and emphasizing the excellence of science where there is intent to publish scientific results. See Call for Proposal Deadlines.

During the Call for Proposals you have the option of submitting a NEW proposal or submitting a Beam Time Request (BTR) against an Active Proposal.

ACTIVE proposal status is obtained when Proposals are: 

  1. Approved for safety and technical feasibility, and ethics, if applicable

  2. Receive a score between 1 and 4 (General User Proposals) and

  3. The number of cycles requested has not expired.

An active proposal does not automatically receive beamtime for every cycle, therefore a Beam Time Request must be submitted for each scheduling period via the web portal (see Creating and Managing your Proposal). A Beam Time Request is used to request additional shifts in the upcoming cycle. Active proposals are not re-evaluated. Beam Time Requests which did not receive time in the previous cycle, would have their score adjusted by -0.1 (increased). These are the new scores that are taken into the allocation process. If the proposal receives beam time, the score is reset to the original value. Allocation of shifts is based on the highest ranked proposals (both new and active) (NB highest ranked corresponds to lowest score on the 1-5 scale).

Example scenarios demonstrating score adjustments for two Beam Time Requests which had not previously been allocated time:

beam time allocation cls

Submit a Proposal

Step 1:   Contact the appropriate CLSI beamline scientist to discuss your research.
Step 2:   Log on to .  If you have not previously registered you will be required to register and you will receive a username prior to submitting a proposal. 

  • Select “Home” "My Proposals" "+"
  • Complete the proposal form and "Submit"
  • To Submit a Beam Time Request against an active project the spokesperson for the project can – select “Home” "My Proposals" to view a list of your proposals, select “Beam Time Request” against the appropriate proposal
  • “Clone” is available once a proposal has been submitted. This provides the option to duplicate a previously submitted proposal.  Select “My Proposals” to view a list of your proposals and select  the proposal you'd liek to clone followed by “Clone” on the “Proposal” page. Update as required and submit. 

Proposal Review and Ratings 

All new proposals are reviewed for safety, technical, peer review and ethics (if required). Click here for details about the Peer Review evaluation criteria, rating scale, Peer Review Committee and notification of results.

Beam Time Allocation

The Allocation Committee allocates beamtime on all beamlines and for all categories. See Beamtime Allocation for General User beamtime allocation. Proposals awarded beamtime require an appropriate address for invoicing purposes. Invoices are generated on a regular basis for an access fee of $1 per eight hour shift and fees for other items such as materials and supplies and/or shipping or receiving of samples/products.

Scheduling Beam Time

CLS schedules research on all beamlines. Each scheduling cycle will identify the number of eight-hour shifts to be allocated to each experiment or group. The beamline staff schedule time on each experimental facility using input from the allocation committee, beam team and users, to optimize the final schedule. Confirmation of scheduling is provided via the web portal (see Creating and Managing your Proposal).

Given the complex nature of synchrotron facilities, when user beam time is lost due to unforeseen circumstances, it will not automatically be rescheduled. CLS is committed to working with affected users to maintain the continuity of their experimental programs. On a user-by-user basis, discretionary time may be allocated when possible.


CLS promotes and encourages open communication between all users of the beamlines at CLS. Appeals relating to proposal ratings and/or allocation will follow the process identified in the appeals guidelines.



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