The CLS is the only synchrotron in the world that has developed techniques specifically for agriculture research.

Our client-focused and solutions-driven agriculture team is in a unique position to develop technologies for fast and improved crop development sustainably, and in an unprecedented way.

The facility boasts a unique suite of experimental stations and techniques ideal for the characterization of plant and soil samples.  These capabilities make it possible to study the internal structures of live plants and soil-root systems, as well as chemical composition, using high spatial resolution and fast X-ray imaging methods.


  • Seeds compositional analysis for food and feed applications and new product development
  • Soil composition and mineralogy analysis for agriculture land use management
  • Efficiency and fertilizer form intake by plants for effective resource management and environment protection
  • Plant composition and response to nutrients, diseases, and environmental influence for new crop development
  • Biomaterials characterization for feed and by-products development
  • Biomaterials and interaction with binding agents for biocomposites development


Synchrotron advantages over conventional research techniques are:

  • No sample manipulation or preparation before analysis  
  • High throughput compositional and mineralogy analysis of  bulk plant and soil samples
  • High throughput organic and inorganic composition, and micro and macronutrients analysis
  • Spectromicroscopy of soil and plant samples (from micron to nanometer spatial resolution)
  • Computed tomography of intact plant tissues and root systems in soil (mm to micrometer spatial resolution)

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  • Unique-in-Canada analytical services:
    • Advanced X-ray imaging
    • Non-destructive testing
    • In-situ investigations
    • Bulk and surface investigations
  • A strong team of accomplished scientists to work with you to develop scientific experiments that meet industry standards
  • A full range of access modes to suit your needs
  • Remote data collection from anywhere in the world
  • Mail-in service, where competent staff perform experiments for you
  • Leading-edge research and development
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