From micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) to surface coatings for satellites and aircraft, the aerospace industry is constantly operating on the cutting edge of technology.

Synchrotron research is a key tool for aerospace industrial research, and is applied to a wide range of problems from the study of surface coating failures to the development of next-generation lubricants.


  • Characterization of ceramic coatings on jet engine components at operational temperatures.
  • Mapping of stresses in the leading edge of turbine blades due to foreign object damage.
  • Aid in the development of solid and liquid lubricants for applications in extreme environment, such as high and low temperature and the vacuum of space.
  • 3-D structure determination for nondestructive analysis of electronic packages.
  • Understanding the role of microcracks in the mechanical properties of brittle matrix composites such as carbon/carbon.
  • Non-destructive mapping of corrosion of aluminum or steel beneath a paint coating.
  • Calibration of spectrometer components for deployment in geostationary satellites.
  • Fabrication of MEMS for space exploration.



Synchrotron advantages over conventional research techniques

  • Investigation of real samples ranging from macro structures to nano structure
  • Ability to examine substrate materials through surface coatings
  • In-situ experimentation at operational temperatures
  • Fast residual stress mapping for advanced engineering analysis
  • Non-destructive analysis of components
  • Element and elemental statespecific techniques such as X-ray absorption and X-ray photoemission spectroscopies

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